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SQL Reports 2008 with C# 3.5, Need information to migrate to latest SQL Reports

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services' started by Raju ATP, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Raju ATP New Member

    Hi ,

    Currentlyi am working on a application which is developed using DOT NET 1.1 onVisual Studio 2003 . we are having Reports also. we are currentlyhandling the reports as

    we are using Visual Studio 2005 for Reporting services.
    from asp.net 1.1 we are redirecting to reporting server in another iframe.
    we have a separate solution for reports which is located on different DB Server
    and report manager is located on DB Server, we will upload all our reports (rdl) here.

    Nowwe are planning to migrate the application to VS 2008 by re writing thecode. So i am looking here for information on how to approach forlatest SQL Reports ?

    we are even ready to go SQL 2008, only if it is stabilized and ready to use. Basically i need
    1) what are the pros and cons with new Reporting servers
    2) What are the tools need to use ( VS 2008 / SQL 2008 )
    3) What are the controls need use , where i can consume 3.5 features like LINQ & etc...

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sandy New Member

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