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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Aug 20, 2008.

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    From talking to a number of DBAs since SQL Server 2008 was released a fortnight ago, many people have not even started to think about this new version. I would say that over 60% of database administrators and developers I have spoken to have not even looked at any of the pre-release versions let alone the RTM for SQL Server 2008. Many organizations have the "Service Pack 1" mentality—that is they will not install a product until Service Pack 1 has been released. As a result many database professional will not look at SQL Server 2008 until the development of the next version of SQL Server is well and truly underway.
    Even if you are not starting to think about SQL Server 2008, many people are already starting to think about version 11 of SQL Server. There are a number of blog posts that have started to pop up in the last few weeks with people's wish list for the next version of SQL Server. If you have had an opportunity to look at SQL Server 2008 then I would love to know which feature you would like to see in the next version.
    - Peter Ward

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