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Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by roberto.cassoni, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. roberto.cassoni New Member

    I saw who I can install SQL Server 2005 on CLuster, with two instance of SQL Server 2000 ( the first is a default instance and the second is a named instance ). I want that SQL Server 2000 continue to work, and I would setup SQL Server 2005 on the same nodes of this cluster; obviously the resource of SQL Server 2005 on cluster will be used only by SQL Server 2005.

    can i simply install following the step by step installation procedure of sql server 2005 on cluster, or I have to follow a precoius acknowledge?.

    Finally, "In a SQL Server 2005 side-by-side installation, SQL Server 2000 tools continue to manage SQL Server 2000, but all connectivity now is replaced by SQL Server Native Client."

    I'm installing SQL Server 2005 in a new instance and in dedicated resources fo my cluster. I read the SQL Server Technical Article, and i noted " but all connectivity now is replaced by SQL Server Native Client".

    What does it mean for my users, whose are working on applications with ODBC connection on SQL Server 2000?
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