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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by quailj1973, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. quailj1973 New Member

    I am trying to connect a remote instance of sql server 2005 to my client sql server install using sql server 20005 developers edition, but I keep getting the following error message:

    TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

    Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum)

    For help, click:http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft SQL Server&LinkId=20476



    An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


    Invalid column name 'mirroring_role'.
    Invalid column name 'mirroring_state'.
    Invalid column name 'mirroring_state'. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 207)

    For help, click:http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?Prod...187&EvtSrc=MSSQLServer&EvtID=207&LinkId=20476



    I am however able to connect directly from the server (with sql server 2005 enterprise installed). Has anyone else come across this? How did you manage to resolve it?
  2. satya Moderator

    Ensure the account used to connect both the instances has requried privileges.
    I have had similar problem where my account was not a part of SYSADMIn on the remote machine.

    Satya SKJ
    This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
  3. quailj1973 New Member

    I have now managed to figure out the problem. The beta version of Sql 2005 Developer was older than than the Enterprise version I ws trying to connect to.

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