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SQL SERVER 2005 Standard Edition Set up Problem

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by anshubansal2000, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. anshubansal2000 New Member

    Hi To All,
    I am trying to install SQL SERVER 2005 Standard Edition evaluation version. So I downloaded its Exe file from microsoft download.
    When I extract it into local directory and want to install SQL Server 2005 I am afradi that I am unable to find the proper Setup file.

    Please help. where I can find this setup file to install SQL Server 2005.

    Thanking YOu Very Much
  2. satya Moderator

  3. anshubansal2000 New Member

    HI Satya, Thanx for the information. According to your suggestions I just checked my machine and found that .NET framework is installed on my system.
    Actually I am trying to find the required setup file for SQL SERVER database. And I am sorry to say that I am unable to find it.
    I downloaded the .exe file from Microsoft website and extract it into local disk under the folder SQLDEV. But I am afraid where is the required setup file located...
    If You have any idea please and please let me know.
    Thanking you very much
  4. satya Moderator

    Search for the referred file using Windows operating Search facility.
    I believe if you cannot find the file then it is not a SQL related problem, rather location problem with your machine. If not try to download it again to a fresh directory, use SAVE AS option when downloading the exe.

    Satya SKJ
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