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sql server 2008 dev edition won't install

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 General DBA Questions' started by bbxrider, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. bbxrider New Member

    win7 home prem, and yes I run as admin
    Actually it installed some components at one point, Business Intelligence Development Studio, Integration Services, Management Tools, etc but not the actual server. I uninstalled and tried a couple more times with different options, but it would never install. There were some sql related stuff like sql upgrade advisor, installed as part of installing vs 2008. Finally, I uninstalled everything, anything sql server and even deleted registry entries.
    Then I installed vs 2008 sp1 per a post somewhere, and now when trying to install sql again, I get this error: Unable to run the installed bootstrap program as the provided path 'C:program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100Setup Bootstrapsetup100.exe' does not exist. error code 0x84B20001.
    The directory was created but It can't seem to find and copy setup100.exe from the install dvd to the hard drive!
    can't google up anything that helps with this. any help/suggestions here?
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    Is it possible to get a new media for SQL 2008 Dev edition?
    I suspect this could be problem with source media, as I had similar issue in the past where the actual cause was the DVD I had used to install the service.
  3. bbxrider New Member

    <p>&nbsp;my media appears to be ok. Evidently the install problems were due to having vs2008 installed without sp1. eventually I installed sp1. But it was too late. After many failed installs, I had tried to uninstall everything sql2008 to get a fresh start, including registry entries. now it appears I need at least some of the registry entries, as the error indicates it can't even resolve the install program and directory. see error below, the directory does exist and the setup100.exe is on the install cd. evidently the install program can't find the directory to have copied the .exe there. I have even tried to just copy the .exe from the disk into the directory so its already there, but the install still can't see it.<br></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img src="http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/1637/bootstraperror.jpg" mce_src="http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/1637/bootstraperror.jpg">&nbsp;</p>
  4. ghemant Moderator

    I would suggest you to refer http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955404 - how to uninstall SQL Server 2008 manually and
    http://blogs.msdn.com/b/joy/archive/2008/10/21/how-to-remove-visual-studio-2008-manually.aspx - how remove visual studio manually to see if you are missing something while uninstalling before attempting the installation again.
  5. satya Moderator

    Hmm, strange problem then. Is this a new server or laptop? You might try uninstall the SQL Server setup support files too in addition to VS tools.
  6. bbxrider New Member

    laptop running win7 home prem, at one point I had tried uninstalling the tools as well, honestly, there were so many attempts to install, I can't remember exactly but think the current error occurred after deleting registry entries. I am apprehensive about removing all vs2008 as I am doing some development with it now and fear that removal will then cause other problems where the solution will be, 'oh just reinstall windows that will fix the problem' like that is an easy viable alternative. I have tried to make sense of all the error logs but they are pretty overwhelming unless you want to make a career of that.
  7. satya Moderator

    True and agree with your comments. If you are continuting with VS development then do not jeopardise that front now.. As you are using Windows 7 why not create your development on a VPC using VIrtual PC, that is better to reduce the issues you are getting in your laptop.
  8. bbxrider New Member

    thanks for the reply, at some point I want to run a virtual machine setup on my laptop, I have purchased win7pro upgrade towards that end. However, I want to be able to run not only xp but linux and android. I'm leery that win virt pc will mess up that idea and be too proprietary. I'm inclined to get the open source oracle or vmware, and then for xp, use an old copy I have from another machine. I'm not sure at this point just what win virtpc is vs win7pro with its ability to run xp. is the win7pro xp some hybrid thing where it runs xp but only a 'certain' 'specialized' xp meant to run with win virtpc and somehow connected win7pro? if so thats sounds to proprietary and restricting.
    I would prefer to have a virtual top dog, that doesn't care if I install and use win7pro, win xp, linux and android.
    Unless its possible to run linux and android under win virtpc?
  9. satya Moderator

    Hmm, installting Android and LInux on Virtual PC...something interesting to know as I haven't attempted. I would encourage to refer on internet to see if anyone was able to accomplish this task.
  10. bbxrider New Member

    I have seen it on 2 laptops, and seemed to be running smoothly at least to rotate through them and do some basics. I keep hearing about driver issues for any virtual setup. vmware is getting consistently high remarks. of course you need to have your partitions setup with the right formats especially if you want to share data between linux and windows.
    I need to get my sql server 2008 dev up and running along with vs2008, that should have been straight forward. very disappointed with problems I have with that. any body have a list of registry settings needed for installing sql 2008?
  11. satya Moderator

    Do you want to control the setup using registry?
    All the SQL stored under - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server] path and unless you fix the VS 2008 the SQL install will not work.
  12. bbxrider New Member

    not control the setup, I'm just curious that I deleted a key that holds the path the installer uses to find the setup100.exe file, since that is essentially the error its coming up with. I would add that key and try the install again as a quick try before removing about 15 programs related to vs2008 to retry the install going down that path
  13. bbxrider New Member

    ok, thanks, can you explain what 'fix' means? to completely uninstall vs2008 before installing sql2008?
    sorry just that fix to me means something is broken, I'm not at all sure what I did to break vs2008, it works fine for developing as it stands? its hard to imagine that an error message basically saying there is a problem with finding an install program, setup100.exe, is being caused by another application being installed on the same machine. I guess i've seen things as strange as this but not very often
    also since this seems to be such a delicate environment, is there anything (besides making sure my project files are safe) to do to help insure I don't have some problem when reinstalling vs2008?
  14. satya Moderator

    FIX means the problem with VS2008 installation files, due to the mismatch in registry you are not able to install SQL 2008. I believe it is essential for your project now, so it is essential to get cleared everything and starge afresh. See my blog post here http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/ssqan...installation-vows-on-windows-server-2008.aspx about details (see if you are getting similar error). ALso for a better understanding on installation requirements see KBA http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956139 FYI.
  15. charlii New Member

    I was facing same issue this thread of yours seems quite helpful, i just tried: new media for SQL 2008 Dev edition and get it resolved.

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