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SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart Event Dev Training Now Online

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Questions [Archive Only - Closed]' started by jasonL, May 30, 2008.

  1. jasonL New Member

    You can learn the with content from the new SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart event. The site contains presentations, recordings, hands-on labs and demonstrations for the SQL Server 2008 JumpStart technical training event.

    There are five tracks:

          • The online material includes presentations, videos, hands on labs and manuals, recorded webcasts, and the SQL Server 2008 Virtual PC used for the labs.

            You'll be asked to register if you want to access the training material from the event. All the resources you need for testing your application on SQL Server can be downloaded from the Application Compatibility & Upgrade Track page.

            If you are conducting Application Compatibility testing, remember to sign-in with your Windows LiveID and report your results through the SQL Server App Compat Testing Results Survey. If you encountered bugs with any of the product features, submit feedback to the SQL Server Engineering team so we can fix it. For online support go to the App Compat and Upgrade forum.
  2. MichaelB Member

    Very nice! Thanks!
  3. pcsql New Member

    Hi Jason,
    The site looks quite different from few weeks ago. Do we need to download both the LATEST Metro section and the All section in each track?
  4. jasonL New Member

  5. pcsql New Member

    Hi Jason,
    I have copied the sections from Developer track below so you can see what I'm referring to. I'm starting to download the Recordings from the LATEST Metro section and it will take 18 hrs.
    Update: The download just keeps hanging. Cannot even play the session directly. Is there another site to download it?
    Update: Finally albe to download it using a download manager.
    LATEST Metro Developer Track Materials
    All PowerPoints download
    All Recordings download
    All Samples download
    All Lab Guides download

    All Developer Track PowerPoints download
    All Developer Track Recordings download
    All Developer Track Materials download

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