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SQL Server 9.0 ("Yukon")

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by thomas, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. thomas New Member

    Anyone else enrolled on the Yukon Beta Testing programme? I just downloaded and installed the Readiness Kit, with mounds of documentation. Looks like there are some very radical devlopments in it! Beta 1 is due to be released to the first testers this week.

    Tom Pullen
    DBA, Oxfam GB
  2. gaurav_bindlish New Member

    Can you share with us the path of the readiness kit?

    Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment- L. Ron Hubbard
  3. thomas New Member

    I'm afraid not - you need to be on the Beta Programme to get access to it...

    Tom Pullen
    DBA, Oxfam GB

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