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SQL Server and Windows Memory

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    SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition introduced support for the use of Windows 2000 Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) to address 8GB of memory on Windows 2000 Advanced Server and 32GB of memory on Windows 2000 Datacentre. With AWE, SQL Server can reserve memory not in use by other applications and the OS. Each instance must statically allocate the memory it needs. AWE memory can only be used for the data cache and not for executables, drivers, DLL's, etc. SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2003/Windows 2000...(<a href="http://blogs.technet.com/rob/archive/2008/05/15/sql-server-and-windows-memory.aspx">read more</a>)<img src="http://sqlserver-qa.net/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4300" width="1" height="1">

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