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SQL Server DBA in Bangalore, India

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    FLOvate Technologies is an established company that specialises in providing business process management (BPM) solutions to high profile international clients in the financial services, local government, medical, legal and business process outsourcing sectors. We are a rapidly expanding company who invest in the development of our staff, offer excellent benefits and provide an exceptional working environment.

    FLOvate Software has two positions open for the post of Database Administrator.

    Location: Bangalore.

    Job functions:
    1) Management of SQL server databases, including physical/logical changes, setting parameters, scheduling and managing backups, DTS package writing and deployment.

    2) Optimization of SQL server databases: optimizing indexes, plans, memory usage, fragmentation etc.

    3) Coding queries to report on databases. Importing data into databases, coding transfer procedures.

    4) Setting up alerts and remote management of databases.

    5) Liaising between Business Analysts, Developers and customer end DBAs.

    Plus documentation of all work done.

    Skills required:

    1) SQL server skills to perform above job functions.

    2) Very good knowledge of T-SQL, Performance optimization techniques in SQL Server. General problem solving skills required.

    3) Good documentation skills.

    4) Ability to organize time, prioritise, and pay attention to detail.

    Microsoft Certified Professional certification: on SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

    If you feel you have the necessary skills and experience for this position please forward your CV and covering letter to: indba@in.flovate.com.

    (Unfortunately we can't process visas at the moment, so the job will have to be for residents of India. This is a full time job: no remote opportunities)

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