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    Did you think this post had something to do with the routers, switches and wires connecting SQL Server machines to the World Wide Web? If so you are wrong. This post has to do with my experience working one of the vendor booths at the “Heroes Happen Here” launch last week. For those of you that don’t know what the “Heroes Happen Here” launch is all about let me give you the scoop. These are events held all over the world , and this is where Microsoft is communicating to the IT community all the great things that about the new Visual Studio, Window Server and SQL Server 2008 versions have to offer. If you need more information about these events and want to find a launch near you check out this website: http://www.microsoft.com/heroeshappenhere/register/default.mspx
    This blog entry has nothing do with the new 2008 products, but has more to do with communicating my experience working the PASS booth at the Seattle “Heroes Happen Here” launch. For those of you that don’t know about PASS, it stands for Professional Association for SQL Server. It is a worldwide community dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server professionals. PASS holds a summit in Europe and the United States once a year. Each of these summit events brings together thousands of SQL Server professionals to discuss SQL Server issues, topics, and events. These summit events are held over a number of days and provide some of the best training opportunities, from SQL Server gurus and normal SQL Server DBA/developer types like you. The next summit will be held in Seattle on November 17-22 2008. If you are interested in knowing more about PASS or signing up for the summit at a limited time reduced rate check out the PASS website here: http://sqlpass.org
    Not only does PASS have two annual summits on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean but the PASS community also consists of over 80 local PASS user group chapters. These local user groups are scattered all over the globe. Each local user group is run a little different but they all have one thing in common, they hold routine local user group meetings to discuss SQL Server related topics. These meetings typical have one or two SQL Server related presentations per meeting. These local PASS chapter meetings are a great place to learn more about SQL Server and/or share your experience with other SQL Server types in your region of the world.
    Ok, now back to may PASS booth experience at the Seattle launch. While at the PASS booth hundreds of people stopped by asking what PASS was all about. This was not really surprising in itself because many people that use Visual Studio and/or Windows Server don’t all have SQL Server in their environment. But what surprised me the most was the number of SQL Server individuals that never knew there was a PASS organization, much less that there were local PASS user group chapters right in their own backyard. I’m a local PASS chapter leader in Olympia, Washington so working the PASS both allowed me a great opportunity tospread the word about my PASS local chapter, the PASS organization, as well as time to talk with developers and other DBAs about their SQL Server Experience.
    If you are reading this post you probably have a vested interest in SQL Server and learning more about it. Do you know the location of the closest PASS chapter user group is in your area? These local PASS chapter groups are a great opportunity to network with other SQL Server geeks, and get some great training at the same time. Did I mention that most of these user group opportunities are free. So if you don’t already know where the nearest PASS chapter is in your part of the World then you should check out the “Chapters” link on the PASS website above.
    If you’d like to know more about local PASS chapters, and can’t find out everything you need to know about it on the PASS website, drop me a note at gregalarsen@sqlpass.org . I’ll do my best to answer your questions, and if I can’t answer them I’ll find someone that can.
    Are you a member of PASS? Do you belong to a local PASS chapter? If not what is stopping you? Join the PASS family now and start receiving great SQL Server training and information.
    Happy PASS Networking,
    Greg Larsen, MCITP

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