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Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for Hardware Configurations' started by parveenbeniwal, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. parveenbeniwal New Member

    I am having a SQL Server database of arround 110GB and 250 Users. What
    is best suited hardware requirements for handling of such a database. I
    am having following requirements from the server:

    1. Feeding purpose : On which continously feeding is done by average
    200 users.
    2. Reporting purpose : on which average hundred of repords are running
    at a time.

    Right now i am having two servers for both of the above said purposes
    with the following configuration.

    Feeding Server

    HPSERVER 370G4
    3.2 Xeon Single processor
    3GB RAM
    1 SCSI 73GB 15000 RPM(OS & Transaction Log), 4 SCSI * 73GB with RAID 0
    (Data Files) and 2 IDE * 300GB (Backups)

    Reporting Server

    Board SE7520BD2V
    2 x XEON 3.2 GHz CPU 800 FSB with 2MB Cache
    4GB RAM
    3 SCSI * 73GB with RAID 0 (Data Files and Transaction Log), 2 SATA *
    300GB (Backups) , 1 80GB IDE(OS)

    I want to fullfill both of my requirements from a single . I want to
    know what upgrades or changes I need to do in the configuration
    according to the load and performence on existing servers. Here is the
    table of performence counters along with their values to show the load
    and performence for both of the servers.

    ReportServer ValueFeedingServer Value
    Avg. Disc Queue length_Total18.65813.59251.89634.4210175.783
    % Processor Time_Total36.8415.46964.45379.83754.688100
    Buffer Cache hit ratio97.70293.59599.46397.4177.26199.989
    Checkpoint pages/sec000000
    Lazy writes/sec1.243030.00314.263097.194
    Page life expectancy1748110614
    Avg. Disk Bytes/transfer_Total37934.1337903.004128427.74753806.5388025.801141750.562
    Avg. Disk Bytes/Read_Total16737.419819242895.86254228.8228170.499143489.965
    Avg. Disk Bytes/Write_Total12298.49406553611708.014092842.667
    % Disk Time_Total77.55549.976261.966760.35612.5344890.383
    Users Connections171718195185212
    Batch Requests/sec0.85902373.2150205.009
    Page splits/sec0001.0305.007

    Please suggest what should be the configuration for my new server.
    Should I consider buying an Dual Itanium Processor based system with 16
    Gigs of Ram and 8 Hard Disks in Raid 0. Or Should I consider buying a
    Quad Xeon Dual Core Processor based system. Or may be my existing HP
    server can be upgraded to dual processor and 8 Gigs of Ram and 2-3 more
    hard disks? Pls recommend what should be the factors that sould be
    considered, guiding priciples and my approact to reach a decision.

    With Best Regards
    Parveen Beniwal
  2. satya Moderator

    http://www.sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15002 fyi.

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    Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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  3. joechang New Member

    if your existing systems can handle the existing load
    then a 2 x DC Xeon 5160 can easily handle the combined load
    but do get a real storage system per above link

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