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SQL Server Transaction log size problems - SHRINK :: understanding recovery models

Discussion in 'Other SQL Server Blogs around the Web' started by Anonymous, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Transaction log issues - one of the common problems that every DBA needs to tackle, if there is no DBA then its a FAQ in forums complaining database transaction log is not reducing when we take backups. Well, if you are a DBA then you don't need any introduction to transaction log and the issues that you tackle on day-to-day tasks. But for the users it is essential to know that it is a log file the stores information about database activities, SQL Server manages the transaction log sizes as per the...(<a href="http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/tools/archive/2010/12/02/sql-server-transaction-log-size-problems-shrink-to-be-or-not-to-be.aspx">read more</a>)<img src="http://sqlserver-qa.net/aggbug.aspx?PostID=9695" width="1" height="1">

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