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  1. Sandeep_Das05 New Member

    hi all,
    i found some of querys performing slow in database and i tried to analyze but it looks no increase in performance. for example TblCustomerClaim table contains 17 columns and 1000000 rows. the table is having 1st column is primary key and nonclustered index in second column and in where clause 1st & 2nd columns are using where both are indexed. i am using column names instead of '*" in select statement but its slow
    can you please look on this issue
  2. preethi Member

    First of all there is no silver bullet to this type of problem.
    You can use a few thigns to find what is wrong with queries:
    Getting the execution plans for each query... You can identify the costly operations regarding the query. Redgate has published a free ebook on Dissecting Execution plans. It may help you to identify the issues.
    Also, placing the statement SET STATISTICS IO ON before your query may help you to identify the Operations like pages read.
    If you are few to all these and need some help to move further, you need to publish the queries, and the exact issues.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Sandeep_Das05 New Member

    Yes, your information sounds good to me but i observed the io and execution plan for the same, i did n't see any clue for performance degrades.
    I will try to keep the execution plan or query so you have a good idea to move further

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