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SQLBits conference on01st March 2008 - 1 week to go

Discussion in 'Other SQL Server Blogs around the Web' started by Anonymous, Feb 22, 2008.

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    In continuing from the post of SQLBits II now the sessions are available on SQLBITS site for your voting. Don't forget to register and cast your vote to be in touch with SQL Server knowledge. Here is the incentive from SQLBITS as the next Free community conference on the 1st March 2008 Update: Hope to see familiar faces over there and it will be interesting this time as many SQL Server 2008 presentations are lined up and good to see from the recent February 2008 ctp too....(<a href="http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/etc/archive/2008/02/22/3145.aspx">read more</a>)<img src="http://sqlserver-qa.net/aggbug.aspx?PostID=3145" width="1" height="1">

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