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SQLCentric - Now Supports SQL Server 2005

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    SQLCentricWhen SQL is the Center of Your Universe!

    Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce that with the release of v.2.0.1, SQLCentric now supports SQL Server 2005!

    Winner of the 2004 SQL Server Magazine's Reader's Choice award, SQLCentric was voted
    Best Database-Monitoring Software and Best Alerting or Notification Software.

    Pearl Knowledge Solution's SQLCentric is a comprehensive web-based monitoring and alert system, deployed on your company's intranet.

    Expanding on its award-winning software, SQLCentric is an enterprise class of monitoring & alert solutions, but not at enterprise pricing. A breadth of new features and functionality has been added, with its new web-report module, providing in-depth details & trend analysis on the state of your SQL Servers. Proactively monitor multiple instances for Uptime, Network connectivity, Services, Cluster fail-over, CPU, Memory, Job Status, DB Status, Blocked Processes, and Logged Events - get alerted for any issues that arise, before escalation.

    Consider the ROI by acquiring SQLCentric for your company, compared to the ugly costs of downtime, corrupt databases, insufficient disk resources, and failed jobs.

    SQLCentric is a minimally invasive, zero-impact solution, with no agents installed and no footprints left behind.

    Join our growing list of satisfied customers, and take advantage of our current promotions on all SQLCentric license kits, with 6-months FREE maintenance and technical support.

    Download your 30-day free evaluation TODAY! For more information, visit our website at http://www.pearlknows.com

    Try SQLCentric at
    The Award-Winning SQL Server Monitoring and Alert System

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