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    Im trying to figure out how to use the tool. I have documentation
    sqlio -KW -S10 -Frandom -08 -b8 -LS -F Param.txt
    The param.txt is as follows
    c:sqlio_test.dat 4 0x0 100
    If my database files are on the SAN say Drive R how do i change the script
    R:mytestdatabase.mdf i do not have dat files. the 4 is the CPU and 0x0 is default
    The 100 is (Size of test file in MB) Ideally this should be large enough so that the test file will be larger than any cache resident on the SAN (or raid controller). Two or four times teh size of any cache allocated is a good rule of thumb to follow:
    (The 100 im not sure if this the size of mytestdatabase.mdf) or ?
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