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SSIS how to refresh data from one database to another database

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Integration Services' started by esl, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. esl New Member

    Dear all,
    i'm very new with SSIS, do you have an example to refresh data from one database to another database
    i just want to refresh data, can'tuse backup/restore .
    ie. DATABASEONE tab1, tab2
    refresh data to DATABASETWO tab1,tab.
    many thank's
  2. johnson_ef Member

    HI,This you can do as we used it in DTS. You can used the import/export option right clicking the database and the Wizard will take you how to do it.

    Refer this link:

    this will give you more info.Regards-Johnson
  3. esl New Member

    many thank's Johnson but, i would like to control the execution and add some options .[:D]
  4. dlgross New Member

    You don't have to use SSIS. You can use the Copy Database Wizard,
    The Copy Database Wizard lets you move or copy databases and their objects easily from one server to another, with no server downtime. Using this wizard, you can do the following:
    • Pick a source and destination server.
      • Select databases to move or copy.
        • Specify the file location for the databases.
          • Create logins on the destination server.
            • Copy additional supporting objects, jobs, user-defined stored procedures, and error messages.
              • Schedule when to move or copy the databases.
  5. esl New Member

    yes but, i have to control commit size option with big tables, and i don't want to drop the table before, cause somes columns have changed (ie char(50) instead of char(10) ) ...

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