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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Integration Services' started by ndobs, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. ndobs New Member

    Hello Everybody,
    I'm involved in a migration project and I need some help.
    I have to import data from 300 tables by using SSIS.
    I want to know if it's better to use one package for every table or one or few package to do all the job.
    Thanks a lot
  2. ranjitjain New Member

    As you said, you need to import data from 300 tables, so ofcourse you can not write 300 packages each for each table data import.
    So it depends on the frequency of running the packages and should be easily maintanable and should be written in a way that you can log and track any issues.
    So I feel it could be better to divide the workload into more than one package.
    Now, if there is any inter-dependancy between importing data from tables then you can divide the import on this point. Keep those objects together which can be run parallely and other set of objects in different package.
    Plan your Data model throughly and then decide on flow of data, after this plan the steps to be taken in case success, failure of any import
  3. ndobs New Member

    Thanks for your help!

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