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SSRS 2008 processes the complete report instead of current page only

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services' started by Sergey_B, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Sergey_B New Member

    I am facing in issue with report processing time on SSRS 2008. It looks like it processes the complete report instead of processing only one page. Whereas according to the article in MSDN, the SSRS report processor should perform processing only for the current page that is viewed by the user: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb522806(v=SQL.100).aspx#Process
    My report just reads data from the pre-populated table and displays them on the quite simple layout. The only nuance is that amount of records in the table is quite big (about 1 million). Layout does not contain any grouping, sorting or complex expressions. Basically, it just displays thousands of pages to user without any processing at all (don’t ask me why, it is just the way it must be).
    Report execution details:· Record count: 989634
    · TimeDataRetrieval: 33-83 sec
    · TimeProcessing: 612-667 sec
    · TimeRendering: 22-45 sec
    · SQL Server version: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP2) - 10.0.4266.0 (X64)
    The numbers above indicate that SSRS processes the complete report instead of one page. I can see it from big TimeProcessing and the fact that navigation to the last page in Report Viewer is rather fast (1-2 seconds).
    I tried everything that is recommended in the MSDN article above:
    · I make sure that there are no expressions in the Page Header or Footer that can force all pages to be processed.
    · I verified that InteractiveHeight is not 0 (it is set to 8.5 inches).
    · I previewed report in a WinForms Report Viewer and via Report Manager, which I guess are supposed to use a soft-page break renderer, which automatically handles paging.
    · I don’t use any grouping and aggregate functions in the report layout.
    · I don’t use any subreports.
    · KeepTogether property on all Tablix members is set to FALSE.
    If you have any ideas about how to make SSRS processing report only for the current page (and as a result to show the first page faster), your help will be much appreciated.
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    Though its not a solution, can you confirm the report execution mode: On-demand, On-demand from Cache or running from snapshots. Report execution properties control how a report is processed. Execution properties must be set for each report individually.
  3. Sergey_B New Member

    Thank you for reply.
    Report execution mode is On-Demand. I understand that I can improve user experience by using cache, but it does not answer why SSRS works not in the way it is expected to.
    I compared the SSRS behavior with Crystal Reports, and it shows the first page for the similar report almost immediatelly.

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