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ssrs version of the performance dashboard reports ?

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by colinr, May 7, 2008.

  1. colinr New Member

    Does anyone have a link to SSRS versions of the performance dashboard reports. or is it as simple as publishing the rdls to your rs server and providing a shared Data Source to msdb ?
    I know its questionable why this would be required but ...
  2. satya Moderator

    Do you want to create custom reports into Performance Dashboard reports?
  3. Greg Larsen New Member

  4. dba.mani@gmail.com New Member

    But if you deploy those RDLs files into RS server, you can setup a subscription to the performance dashboard main.rdl file and can get a snapshot of the server performance at regular intervals over email.
    Thats what i did in my production, and it works great..It also gives us a chance to view the peak time usages on a consistent basis..
  5. Greg Larsen New Member

    that sounds like a good idea. How much modification to the rdl files where necessary? Did you only have to modify the main rdl file to identify the appropriate data source?
  6. dba.mani@gmail.com New Member

    Usually you dont need to make any changes but just adding the shared datasource for your sql server. But you can customize the main report with your servername, instance name, etc.. Adding anyother report items like the time, username, etc..
  7. Greg Larsen New Member

    So have you figured out how to make it work for different servers from a single SSRS web portal?
  8. dba.mani@gmail.com New Member

    not yet. Becuase if we want to use for multiple servers, we can use SSMS custom reports option..But i got another idea. Do you think we can make it work by adding a additional parameterized report that takes the servername and the report can dynamically change its datasource??
  9. dba.mani@gmail.com New Member

  10. Greg Larsen New Member

    I've been wondering if you could have a drop down box with server names in it. Then based on selection I would if you could change the data source.
  11. tbedwards New Member

    This would be extremely helpful in order to allow these to be used to monitor multiple instances from a central SSRS location. Has anyone gotten this to work yet?
  12. MichaelB Member

    I am already doing this. I have a website set up and a select page that pulls from a list of our servers in a central location. That page has hyper links to each server/database and passes that to the main page (DBA Dashboard_main). It would pass the database name and server name along. I had to use his install script on each server that I wanted to pull data from. Then I would use a common login that has execute permission. I would then use that common login for the data source for each page. The query for each dataset for each page would have to be changed to the following:
    exec (@InstallDB + '.[DBA_Dashboard].Get_IndexFrag ''' + @DatabaseName + '''')
    exec (@InstallDB + '.[DBA_Dashboard].Get_TablesWithoutPKs ''' + @DatabaseName + '''')
    depending on what data source you want to use. I would like to write an article about this in SQL magazine with Gregs permission and help (and with credit to him of course). What do you say Greg?

  13. MichaelB Member

    Just a quick update: I am working with Greg to get this done. Either changes to his existing product or just an article.
  14. darwin101 New Member

  15. robcarrol New Member

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