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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    As IT professionals I think that the majority of us are aware of the health of our IT infrastructure. We have proactive monitoring in place to alert us when something is not quite right so we can do something to address the situation. For example, we monitor free disk space so that when there is less than 20% free space we are alerted so we have an opportunity to allocate additional space before it becomes a problem. Although we ensure that we monitor the health of our servers, I think that often we overlook our own personal health.
    I have come to the end of three very longs weeks. For two of these weeks I have been on the road and with several plane flights this week I will be glad not to see another airport until next week. As a result I have developed a head cold and my body is getting close to shutting down. Although it would be nice to be alerted when I am getting close to being sick, I think that a lot of this is my own doing as a result of a lack of exercise and a healthy diet while travelling. I have come across a couple of companies of late that encourage a healthy lifestyle for their employees by supplying free gym memberships. What are you or your workplace doing to ensure that your servers are not healthier than you are?
    - Peter Ward
  2. Arnie New Member

    Peter,You bring up an excellent subject, especially important for those of us that travel. But equally important to those that don't travel.We have to stay physically and psychologically healthy. Sustained 12 hour work days, fast foods and pizza, lots of caffinated drinks and alcohol are not healthy.Fortunately, my company not only provides a health club membership, but reimburses me for any health club costs while traveling (if not provided by the hotel.) AND I get regular massage as a benefit. AND I take advantage of it by going to work out, play racquetball, or at least sit in the jacuzzi several times a week. (I know of others that have company paid health club memberships and they are 'too busy' to go use it.)More than anything, having a refreshed, nourished, and healthy body allows my mind to work at a higher level of proficency. The end result is that I will often accomplish more in 8 hours as a tired, stressed person would in 12 hours.But don't get me started on sleep deprivation and 20 flights...

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