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Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by shashank sharma, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. shashank sharma New Member

    hi all,

    i sat on stress test through a third party tool ........ i found that very intresting but i want to know what are the things which i should look in third party tools so that my evaluvation of the result would not end in wain.

    thank you

    sarwey jana ,sukino bhavanthu.....
  2. joechang New Member

    the fancy expensive 3rd party products can do complicated simulations
    but i think it is better to look at the free unit test tools,
    or atleast the low cost ones, including MS Application Center

    thoroughly examine unit behavior before going to more complex test scripts
    i would not bother simulating the exact random behavior of a live load,
    just focus on the pieces
  3. satya Moderator

  4. shashank sharma New Member

    hello all

    i really thank you ( chang and satya ) the tool which iam using is sql scaler a product of idera here is the link
    "http://www.idera.com/Products/SQLscaler/Requirements.aspx " it gives out a very clear pattern of counters and here we can compare and analyze in accordance with privious tests plz let me know your concerns about this

    thank you very much.....

    Dont go on my posts iam still a student (*_*)
  5. satya Moderator

    Hey, good to know you're learning whats required for your job.
    Its not always we assume the originator as a student, but sometime due to the basic questions it is suggested to refer to documentation.

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