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Subscription not accessible

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for SQL Server Replication' started by Punyabrata, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Punyabrata New Member

    Two domains : 1) DomainSQL1 and DOMAINSQL2
    I am in the SQL2 users group. SQL1 users group have created one PUSH subscription.But when I log-on to this server and check, I am not able to see that push subscription listed. (both the groups have sysadmin rights). addtion to that I have checked the 'Publication Access list'. and not able to find our group(DOMAINSQL2) in that list. When i Click on 'ADD' button to of that 'Publication Access List' Tab, our group does not exist in the open window.
    Hope i make my point described.
    How should I proceed to resolve this.
    thanks in advance
  2. satya Moderator

    Does both the domains are TRUSTED?
  3. Punyabrata New Member

    yes both the domains are trusted.

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