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Successful Backups

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    A lot of people define a successful backup as the Maintenance Plan task completing without any errors. However, a backup is only completed and considered to be successful when you have been able to perform a restore from the backup. There is no point taking a backup if you are not going to verify the integrity of the backup. I remember reading a story about a company that was diligently taking a full database backup direct to tape every night and sending the tapes offsite. The only problem was that the backup job was being reported as successful but the tape drive was faulty and was not writing to the tape. So, when there was a need to perform a restore, the tapes contained no data. When was the last time you checked to make sure that you could restore from your database backup?
    - Peter Ward
  2. dschaeff New Member

    Just today I unchecked the "Verify Backup" box for our full backups maintenance plan. I hated to do that, but the verification step was taking twice as long as creating the backups. We need the backups to finish within a set time. The solution for me might be to create a another step in the maintenance plan that verifies all the backups at the conclusion, instead of after each one is written.

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