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System and Storage Configuration for SQL Server

Discussion in 'Performance-Related Article Discussions' started by shanetasker, Mar 31, 2006.

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    interesting article! <img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />
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    A very informative article.

    I always wonder though, when an author talks about high load or large number of transactions, what this actually means. There can be huge differences between mid sized and large databases - when Microsoft talk about large systems they normally refer to multi-national call centre with 100's of operators or 1000's of concurrent web users, but to the rest of the world (UK for instance) a 'large' system might only have 50-100 users!

    The system described in the article could support what sort of transaction load?

    What would be the typical IOP's range for a given set of hardware? I would like to see a table somewhere that gives different architectures (eg number of disks / controllers) for typical IOP's.

    Thanks for the article, I liked the moron bit.
  4. joechang New Member

    i am probably referring to the 50-100 users for my 4 socket system with 30-60 disks
    i think this should be slight over kill if configured properly, but it would also ensure no disk performance problems, all for a reasonable price, no expensive consulting services.

    my view is that the sites setting up for 1000's will do a proper analysis, and not use my turn-key recommendations

    i will probably get in trouble for the intelligence reference, but i just recently advised a person to distribute across 2 RAID controllers, and 4 channels,
    then he goes with the big disks, 1-2 channels etc

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    How cool is that! Now I only need to understand a single word (apart from title and author). [<img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />]<br /><br />--<br />Frank Kalis<br />Microsoft SQL Server MVP<br /<a target="_blank" href=http://www.insidesql.de>http://www.insidesql.de</a><br />Heute schon gebloggt?<a target="_blank" href=http://www.insidesql.de/blogs>http://www.insidesql.de/blogs</a>
  7. joechang New Member

    what is joe in russian
    does any one here read russian well?
    is this a decent translation or just a computer translation?
  8. mmarovic Active Member

    quote:Originally posted by joechang

    what is joe in russian
    does any one here read russian well?
    is this a decent translation or just a computer translation?
    I didn't have time to read the complete article. My russian understanding is decent, but not perfect. Your name is not translated. Based on a few first sentences it is human translated. The subtitle is that article is based on your original article (not simply translation), but first few sentences I read look more like just translation.
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    I know I didn't give the website permission to translate Joe's article. Joe, it looks like you didn't either. I guess the website thought the article was so good that they didn't need to ask permission.

    Brad M. McGehee, MVP
  10. joechang New Member

    i did not give them permission
    i suppose russia today is kind of like the wild west of old
    so we should not be too suprised,
    an email to them is in order,
    did it have a hyper link back to the original source?
  11. mmarovic Active Member

    Yes, the link is there.

  12. joechang New Member

    if someone actually went to the effort to translate the article, as oppose to just dumping it into the google translator, then they must like the article

    of course, i should have probably stated that my assumptions were a US or western Europe based target, with relatively high personnel cost relative to hardware, and that in countries where hardware is more expensive compared to a months salarty, i would have more analysis based assessment instead of the brute force.

    brad, did you send them an email to let them know they need your permission to do this?
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    On that link there is just a part of article and comment: to be continued in the next realeas (or something like that). It looks like they have different content each week or two weeks, not sure about that.

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