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Table Issue, UPS World Ship

Discussion in 'General Developer Questions' started by dawgfn78, May 1, 2008.

  1. dawgfn78 New Member

    Having a hard time with this one, I haven't played with much SQL in the past year and seem to be forgetting everything.
    I have a client machine that will be using UPS World Ship. It needs to pull info. via ODBC from our SQL server. Setting up the ODBC connection went fine, no issues there.
    PROBLEM: The software itself allows you to select table columns and associate them with the fields on the forms. However, it does not appreciate # symbols contained in the data, and wouldn't you know it, there are # symbols in the phone number columns. (I haven't clarified with the UPS rep, but that might pose a problem with null values as well.) It will error out and bring up nothing if there is a # contained in that record.
    1. Change all of the necessary tables to eliminate the # signs. Which could pose problems in the ERP system, rewriting forms, etc... The apparant shortest and easiest way out, but unknown results could bring a ton of work.
    2. Create a way that a table can be associated in the UPS software, and have it pull data from three existing tables and making sure the # symbols are eliminated. The UPS software will only recognize TABLES. I have a view that gives it the correct info. but you can only use tables in that software. Maybe some sort of SQL stored proc that runs at a given interval updating a new table that has that data from the 3 tables I need to use.
    Any ideas would be great.
    EDIT: Would it be possible to create a new table with the data from the other tables, rename the column headers that contain # symbols, create a stored proc to update that table with the data from the other tables, and create a SQL job to run that proc at a set interval to keep the data new.(every 10 minutes) Sounds good in theory, any construct ideas/reasons why that wouldn't work??
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forum.
    In your case you can take help of creating staging tables to eliminate such # marks in the data, so make it a destination table to have the data for # values and then with a script remove those values on the data.
  3. jkvedar New Member

    [quote user="dawgfn78"]I have a view that gives it the correct info. but you can only use tables in that software.[/quote]
    UPS WorldShip can use a view as the source of shipping info. Did you recieve errors when you tried to map to your view?

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