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Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by ajitgadge, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. ajitgadge New Member

    Hello Experts,I have issue with Memory use in SQL server. Below are my databse server configurationsSQL Server version. SQL 2000 8.00.2050 (Intel X86) Standard EditionPhysical Server Memory : 8 GBMax Server Memory - 6GBMin Server Memory :- 1 GBAWE option -1 Server is use only for SQL database and no other application running.I have also enabled the below option on serverLock Memory pages- Domain account same as SQL server Service accountenabled /3GB option in boot.ini fileBut still my SQL server memory shows meTarget server memory- ~1.67 GBTotal Server memory: - ~1.67 GBDue to this load on I/o is increases, buffer cach hit ratio is less than 99 %. can you please suggest me any reason for this ? Note : I suspect that, it might happened due to backward compability of SQL 2005. Initially, we have installed SQL 2005 on this server. But as our application is not working with SQL 2005 then we removed SQL 2005 by Uninstalled shield and install SQL 2000.But there is still MSSQL.1 and 90 folders are present under MS SQL Server. This is very urgent issue as my server is dam slow now so please help me to resolve this.
  2. MohammedU New Member

    SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition can't use > 2GB memory...
    No matter how much memory you have it can see only 2 GB...
    You have to upgrade it to SQL 2000 EE or SQL Server 2005 SE/EE to make use of more than 2 gb...
  3. ajitgadge New Member

    Oh..thanks Mohammed,
    I completed forget this stupid think. I will upgrade to SQL 2005-64 bit.

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