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Texas Memory Systems Enterprise Cached-Flash Solid State Device (SSD).

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    Texas Memory Systems is announcing the first enterprise cached-flash solid state device (SSD). The new RamSan-500 is the fastest flash memory-based storage device available today. It's 16 times faster than typical enterprise RAID storage and uses 50% less energy. This system uses up to 64 gigabytes of DDRAM memory as cache for up to 2 terabytes of nonvolatile flash memory. Because the RamSan-500 uses flash technology in addition to DDRAM memory its capacity is considerably larger (2 terabytes in a 4U chassis) and its price is considerably lower than solid state disks that are 100% DDRAM. This milestone product will make super high performance SSDs more accessible for mainstream applications such as those based on SQL Server or Oracle databases.
    With solid state disks, applications can accommodate more concurrent users and simultaneous transactions, and an SSD can be more economical than adding monolithic RAID, servers, RAM, or constant application tuning. CIOs in the financial, telecom, and e-commerce sectors as well as government, military, and research organizations, strategically use solid state disk to accelerate MRP, OLAP, OLTP and other database-centric applications. Solid state disks are also used for video editing, modeling and by software developers to optimize code performance.

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