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The Ultimate SQL Server

Discussion in 'Please Tell Us What You Think' started by bradmcgehee, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. bradmcgehee New Member

    Over a year ago I wrote an article called "The Ultimate SQL Server". You can see it at:


    I want to revise this article so that it is current. But before I do, would anyone like to share with me their version of "the ultimate SQL Server?"

    Please do, and I will use your input as material for the newly revised article. The only thing I want to ensure is that the hardware suggested be currently available.

    Brad M. McGehee
  2. royv New Member

    I would update the OS to Windows .NET DataCenter. Also instead of 15000 rpm drives, I would like to have solid-state-accelerators, like MegaRam. They have a built-in UPS system that writes to disk when a power failure occurs, which takes care of data loss issues. I think eBay uses that stuff.

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  3. aitor_ibarra New Member

    It will also be interesting to see what the new 64 bit processors can do (Intel's Itanium and AMD's Opteron) with 64 bit editions of the OS and SQL Server. Itanium doesn't run as fast as Pentium in terms of clock speed, but this isn't a very good yardstick when comparing two completely different processor architectures. Itanium's can have up to 3MB of cache, which should help SQL Server.

    Of course, maybe the ultimate SQL Server would run on 64 bit Linux...

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