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Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services' started by stathis30_2000, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. stathis30_2000 New Member

    Hi all !

    I am new to analysis services so I need some help concerning the time dimension.
    I have created a cube using and existing data source and then I added a server time dimension.

    The first question is: How the server time dimension is related to the datetime dimension which is in the fact table??

    And the second one: I added a measure with aggregate function AverageOfChildren and the following error occurred 'Semi-additive measure requires time dimension'.

    Please help, I have read all the tutorial related to different types of time dimensions but still haven't figured out what is causing the problem..

  2. stathis30_2000 New Member

    I solved the problem but now the following error occurs when I deploy the cube :

    The attribute key cannot be found : dbo_fact_table, Column: datetime Value 25/10/1901 4:18:00 pm...

    The year 1901 is included in the time period of the time dimension. Does the time matter ?

  3. stathis30_2000 New Member

    Please, can somebody help me with my problem ? It is urgent and I can not think of any solution... Does the date format matter?
    My calendar covers the following dates :
    1/1/1753 - 31/12/2007 (Time binding)
    Why this referential integrity error occurs ??

  4. Raulie New Member

    If the granualarity of the time dimension does not require Time then trim it from your fact table and only use dates.


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