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Tranfer of a SQL Server Express Database

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Antonio Benildus Muerling, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Please help me in planning a database being tranferred from one location to another location.

    Currently the Database is functioning at the Datacentre, and have been asked to be kept internal, going forward.

    How can I do this, please can anyone help me in this doing the homework before I proceed.

    For instance, how would be the backup plan executed, and how could I automate.

    the other task that I would like to ask about the indexing, is there a possibilit in doing the indexing as well.

    PS : SQL Server Express 2005


  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    I can't follow you.
    Do you want to know how to backup one database from one location (server) and restore in other?
    Also what do you mean with "indexing"?
  3. I have gone through some extend in doing this..

    current infrastructure setup - [application - inhouse, database - different location, connected via odbc and this works really well], screenshot attached for the earlier version of ODBC, which is working
    new interest / our aim - [application - inhouse, database - to be brought into inhouse, but I was not able to pass the hurdle of ODBC connection]

    could anyone help me with this.



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  4. Shehap MVP, MCTS, MCITP SQL Server

    Perhaps might be , I can answer your questions as individual pieces since submitted information is not adequate to capsulate one answer

    How Would be the backup plan executed , and how could I automate.

    Not to make it hard on you for initiating a backup plan , you may follow the below steps :

    1- Right click Database requested for backup>>>Backup >>select backup type either Full , Differential , Transaction log,r Partial (File group backups ) or copy only backup…..etc according to your suggested plans , but you have to have overhead look on difference between these types , hence I do recommend to read that msdn blog below :

    2- Specify the file or backup device where you should preserve your backup

    3- Go to "Options " page where you might select other attributes for you backup like overwrite options, verify backup , checksum, bypass errors and check media …etc

    4- Then go to the top of page >>Script >>>script actions to a job >>>then go to window of job schedule to specify the appropriate schedule along with your plan

    For ODBC connection ( Oldest versions in particular ), I don't recommend it at all for large mission DBs where intensive OLTP transactions are there particularly due to its poor powers as :

    · It is missing MARS (Multiple Active result sets) which help in having multiple result sets per one connection and so more scalable OLTP transactions (Fixed by Microsoft staring from SQL Server native client and onwards)

    · Bad Network IO performance in particular for huge data entity

    Therefore, I do recommend to use OLEDB provide or better .net SQL client data provide (.net framework provider)


    Please let mw know if any further help


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