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Transaction Logs on Mounted Volume?

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by ima_arnold_fan, Jun 23, 2007.

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    I am currently installing a database for an app I developed, and so far, so good. I am a SQL Server BI developer rather than an administrator.

    My question is about my clustered volumes and mount points. 2 months ago, I gave the client general guidance on a database disk config, ie. log on mirrored drives, data on Raid 10 or Raid 5, os on mirrored drives, distributed I/O etc. Certainly that applies to a single server installation, but what about a clustered instance. Does this advice still hold?

    Right now, the cluster has a quorum disk, a Raid 10 data volume, and a Mirrored Volume for logs, all part of the same cluster group. I have mounted the Mirrored volume as a Data volume directory (D:Logs), and put my sql server transaction logs on the mirrored volume via the mount point.

    I think this is a pretty good config, but I wanted the group opinion. Is putting log files on a separate volume via a mount point a "Safe" thing to do? I am not sure I am clear on the implications with regard to recoverability and failover. The logs will be pretty small, and I have the disk space to put them anywhere.

    The client has a small IT Group, but no senior level sql guys, but they do have a competent network admin type guy.

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