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UK SQL Server User Group Nightschool (FREE)

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by satya, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. satya Moderator

    UKSSUG Night School
    Wednesday, 12th NOV
    Microsoft Campus,
    Building 3,
    Thames Valley Park,
    RG6 1WG
    (United Kingdom)

    For directions and registration see the sitehttp://www.sqlserverfaq.com?eid=36

    17.30 -> 18.00 networking - coffee
    A chance to meet other SQL Server professionals on a social level, what better way of networking and finding out what other people are doing in the SQL Server space.

    18.00 -> 18.30 problem clinic and security reminders - Q & A discussion between all attendees (workshop)
    Get your problems solved! If you have a problem re: SQL Server or need advice on some aspect, eg. SAN's, Clustering, Transact SQL, DTS etc... then this is a really good way of getting answers from a broad range of highly experienced people who attend the meetings.

    18.30 -> 19.15 Error Handling in SQL Server (Jacco Schalkwijk, SQL Server MVP)
    Errors in SQL Server 2000 are sometimes not well defined and exception handling is primitive compared with some other languages. This talk demonstrates the sometimes unexpected behaviour of errors in SQL Server and suggests best practices to properly handle them.

    19.15 -> 19.30 Break

    19.30 -> 20.00 Embarcadero Extreme Test presentation (Paul Down, Embarcadero).

    20.00 -> 20.45 Exploring SQL Data Structures with DBCC PAGE (Eric Allsop, USwitch)
    Understanding the underlying data structures that SQL Server uses can help developers better design structures and improve IO performance. In this session we will examine the basic data pages, indexes, the IAMs, GAMs and SGAMs. We will use DBCC PAGE to examine what is actually stored on these structures.

    ,.... more I'm interested in the session 20.00 hours about data structures....

    Satya SKJ
  2. satya Moderator

    ...updated news for UK SQL tenants....

    Kalen Delaney is in the UK between 27th Jan and 2nd Feb, so if you need any training, consulting etc. contact her via Tony Rogerson (UK SQL Users Group).

    Satya SKJ

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