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unable to get Open Table dialog in SMSS Object Explorer after fixed format text file import (SQL Server 2008 r2)

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by turbolover, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. turbolover New Member

    I have downloaded the SQL Server 2008 r2 trial from MS website.
    I have imported data from two separate fixed format text files using the Import and Export Data tool into SQL Server 2008 r2 and am now looking at the table in the database with the Object Explorer.
    My goal is to merge all fields from two separate files (matching them by account numbers), then output the result to a new table. The new table will be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.
    When I right mouse click on the table in Object Explorer, I do not get the Open Table dialog to choose which tables to run the query on. Is there something special about permissions or is there something I have to do differently for fixed format text files after import to initiate a query?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.!
    If you can see the tables using SMSS, why you need "open table dialog" to get what you want?.
    If you already have your query, then you can execute it in one "new query window".
    If you run "select * from yourtable" what do you get?

  3. turbolover New Member

    I can build queries the old-fashioned way, now I am wondering if it is because I am using the trial version of SQL Server 2008 r2 that
    A) the help files are not helpful and do not match the interface, and
    B) the interface complains and crashes or aborts frequently...
  4. Luis Martin Moderator

    I suppose you have some issue with 2008 r2 trial.
    What OS are you using?.
    Did you try uninstall and install again?
  5. turbolover New Member

    Yes, I think you are right, I ran into some problems with installation on my XP box so why should I expect it to be any better on a new box with Win7. The examples do not follow the interface, so I am going to follow the tutorials on your website instead.
    Thanks again for all of the help...

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