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United Nations (UN) website is breached - hacked through SQL injection!

Discussion in 'SQL Server Knowledge Sharing Network (SqlServer-qa' started by satya, Aug 13, 2007.

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    <P>It seems <A class="" href="http://www.un.org/sg/" target=_blank mce_href="http://www.un.org/sg/">United Nations</A>&nbsp;website is not excluded to breach by the hackers, that too using SQL injection attack!</P><P>Due to this hacking attack the United Nations official website, forcing some sections to be taken offline (on 12th August 2007). It seems slogans accusing the US and Israel of killing children appeared on the pages reserved for statements from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. In other attacks by hackers using the same names, they have claimed to be from Turkey. <!-- E SF --></P><P><EM>The hackers named themselves as "kerem125", "Gsy" and "M0sted". </EM><P>These hackers are well known to hack many websites in the cyber world. Due to this The UN was forced to take down the affected pages for repair, but later managed to restore the secretary general's statements.<!-- E BO --> <P mce_keep="true">&nbsp;</P><P><FONT size=1>source: </FONT><FONT size=1><A href="http://fergdawg.blogspot.com/">http://fergdawg.blogspot.com/</A></FONT></P><P><FONT size=1></FONT>&nbsp;</P><P>TO know more about this refer to <A href="http://hackademix.net/2007/08/12/united-nations-vs-sql-injections/">HowItH<IMG style="FLOAT: right; WIDTH: 385px; HEIGHT: 126px" height=92 alt="Defaced UN Web Site" src="http://hackademix.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/un-small.png" width=249>acked</A>.</P>
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