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Upgrading 32 bit to 64 bit - OS and SQL2008

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 General DBA Questions' started by Moonwalker2000, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Moonwalker2000 New Member

    Hi there,
    What are the options/ways I can carry out the above "Upgrading 32 bit to 64 bit - OS and SQL2008".

    I am in a short term contract for a new client to setup and fix a few things. Currently running Win 2003 (32 bit) and SQL 2008 Standard (32 bit) on a 64 bit server with 32 GB of ram. Can only see 16 GB.

    For SQL, I guess make a copy of the system db's, backup rest, deinstall, reinstall 64 bit and put all the databases back in the correct locations again including the system db's.

    Also what is the price difference between Standard and Enterprise? If you know off the top of your head :).

    Is it easy to upgrade Windows 32 to 64 bit?

  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    You also can backup users permissions, jobs, etc.
    About W32 to W64 is a new fresh installation (with same server name, etc.).
    I can't help about prices.

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