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Urgent: Finding duplicates records using DTS...export to access

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by GAR, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. GAR New Member

    The situation is like this..
    step 1:I have several excel files with the following header (name, surname, dept, tel), which i need to find the duplicates records between them and take only one (using TEL)..I merge the excel files in access using access( around 175000 records)
    eg if have have 2 records
    Gar MySurname 78 7752356, I take only one
    step 2: then, i have for eg let say five databases on the sql server ...( one databse has aroud 80000 records)
    step3: then if the record that i have in acess databases is present on sql databases(on each database) i dont take it...
    simple explanation, i dont want to have duplicated telephones numbers...between the databases..
    Here is the way that am actually using.
    The excel files i import them in acess, i do u union with them, and put them in a table.
    Then with this table a create a groupby query and i take first on name, surname, dept...
    Now i got a table with no duplicates records.
    Then with this access table i do a left join using tel on each databases on sqlsever..
    Wat an doing now takes a lot of time
    My question is can i proceed doing this using a DTS. can it de dynamic.. so that i dont have to modify the DTS all the time i will use..
    If some activeX script are avaible, plz do help
    Note: Initially the number of excel files and databases may vary..
    thanks in advance..
  2. satya Moderator

    You should get workout such issues by using a staging table or database and find out the duplicate rows to delete, then use another SQLTask to import/export to base table.

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