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Discussion in 'T-SQL Performance Tuning for Developers' started by erajendar, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. erajendar New Member

    dear all,

    y'day one of my new colleague has changed the login/password of SQL server and he is forgotten that login/password. Thus, Our website is not connecting to Databbase server. We are overwheling with the calls from website users.

    Can anyone guide me how to find out the loginname or to disable the login/password

    Pl. expedite in providing answers

    its very urgent


  2. rushmada New Member

    If the user has changed the password yesterday
    then u can run the query in master to find the who are all users
    changed passwords
    select * from syslogins order by updatedate DESC

    use where clause in the query for finding the users changed password
    on the given date


  3. erajendar New Member

    Thank u for ur prompt reply.

    My SQL Server has got only one login/password. Now we are not able to connect to SQL Server


  4. bambola New Member

    Are you talking about the sa account?
    If so, and if you registered this server in EM, you can change the password from

  5. rushmada New Member

    For this u can use Sql Enterprise manager and change the Password for the user because
    u were telling that only one user is there in sql server.

    If ur enterprisemanger allows Windows authentication.


  6. erajendar New Member

    When I'm trying to open myserver from Server group in Enterprise Manager, its asking login/password.


  7. rushmada New Member

    In the Enterprise manager right click on the server and choose
    edit sql server registration then remove the option allways
    prompt for login name and password and then try to connect the
    the server by changing the windows authentication mode

    If it succeeds then change the user password in the enterprise


    quote:Originally posted by erajendar

    When I'm trying to open myserver from Server group in Enterprise Manager, its asking login/password.



  8. bambola New Member

    I found this:

    To reset the sa password, you can make the following:
    1. Login to the SQL Server box as the Administrator.
    2. Run SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
    3. Right-click the server name and choose 'Edit SQL Server Registration properties'.
    4. Choose 'Use Windows authentication' and click OK button.
    5. Expand a server, expand a Security and click Logins.
    6. Double-click the sa login and specify new password on the General tab.

    and this:

  9. erajendar New Member

    Dear Rushendra, bambola,
    Thanks for ur continuous reply.

    When I'm doing like ur suggestion it is giving following message box::

    SQL Server registration failed because of the connection failure displayed below. Do you wish to modify any way?

    Login failed for user'RAJENDARAdministrator'.


  10. sqljunkie New Member

    Is 'RAJENDAR' the box you have SQL Server on? You need to logon as Administrator to the system that has the SQL Server service on it.

    Assuming 'RAJENDAR' is the box, bring up the Services list in Computer Management. Check the 'Log On' properties of the MSSQLSERVER service. Perhaps you can change it to a valid log in on that computer. Once you've completed that I would try to modify you connection in Enterprise Manager and fix the problem from there.
  11. vbkenya New Member

    1. Try starting the Service with the limited 'Local System Account' and then logon to the system to restore your connection settings.

    2. If you never modified the 'sa' account (and I hope not) try using SQL Server Authentication Mode with the 'sa' account.

    Nathan H.O.
  12. vbkenya New Member

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