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Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by v1rtu0s1ty, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. v1rtu0s1ty New Member

    hey guys,

    I've noticed this a long time ago. If we execute a DTS on our machine via Enterprise Manager, DTS uses our own filesystem to find the file we specified and not the on the server's filesystem. However, if we execute queries like BULK INSERT via Query Analyzer running on our machine, it uses the server's filesystem which is nice.

    My issue now is that, I have to connect to our db server via terminal services and run EM from there. It's ok with me, however, there are people in other team that also needs to execute the package but is not allowed to terminal services to the server.

    What is your solution to this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. simondm New Member

    You could create a stored procedure to run the DTS package. Then the user could execute the proc remotely and it would run on the server side.

    Or you could create a job (without a schedule) and users could run the job using sp_start_job - again you could put this inside a proc to make it easier.

    Or in the DTS package you could create all the paths to files as UNC paths. Then it doesn't matter where it is executed from - through if you are on different domains this may not work.


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