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Using the output of SET STATISTICS TIME or IO

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for DBAs' started by andrewr, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. andrewr New Member

    How do I store the output of SET STATISTICS TIME or IO in a table?
  2. MohammedU New Member

    Welcome to the forum...
    I don't think there is any way to do this and I will check if there any option...interesting question though [:)]
  3. MohammedU New Member

    Here is the code...but I don't know how useful it will be...
    use tempdb
    create proc pro
    set nocount on
    select * into #test from sysobjects
    create table Tbl (statout Varchar(8000))
    declare @rc Varchar(1000)
    set exec @rc = pro
    insert into Tbl
    select @rc
    select * from Tbl
  4. gurucb New Member

    I tried this code and it gives me an error at set exec @rc = pro. Removed Set and executed the proc resulted in 0 as the output. Also tried with including other set options (profile, IO.. ) in proc but still it resulted in 0. not sure what I am doing wrong..
    In SQL Server 2005, we can use DMV's to achieve the same but if I can get for sql server 2000 that would be great.
  5. andrewr New Member

    Thanks for your help,but I am afraid that I couldnt get the code you posted to work either MohammedU. gurucb, which DMV's are you refering to that could achieve the same result?
    I might have a possible solution to this problem, please let me know if there are any flaws in it...
    SELECT @CPU_B4 = cpu FROM sys.sysprocesses WHERE spid = @@spid
    -- **********QUERY TO BE TUNED *************
    SELECT col1 from Table2
    -- *****************************************
    SELECT @CPU_After = cpu from sys.sysprocesses where spid = @@spid
    SELECT @CPU_After-@CPU_B4 AS [CPU time]

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