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using vb.net datasets in reporting services

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by Aaron Levin, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Aaron Levin New Member

    Is it possible to load a reporting services dataset into a vb.net dataset using the report designer? I need to build a report that is going to require me to piece together data from numerous queries and am not sure how to do this without manipulating data programmatically.
  2. JanneH New Member

    put your queries and logic in an object that returns a data set. Then read the dataset using Reporting Services Data Extension. With this aproach you can do any kind of processing you want with you data before it presented in the report. The catch is that you have to implement the data extension yourself. To start up the work see my earlier question "Using a Business Logic Object as Data Source " in this news group.


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