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Visual Studio 2003/Sql Server 2005 Reporting Services

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services' started by [email protected], Dec 18, 2007.

  1. [email protected] New Member

    I have an existing applicaiton in VS 2003, but want to migrate my reporting to SQL 2005 Reporting Services. All the documentation I can find focuses on VS 2005. Does anyone know, can this be done with VS 2003??
  2. techbabu303 New Member

    I am assuming the exsiting application uses VS2003 with SQL 2000 reporting services , as suggested in faq in microsoft you can move it to SQL 2005 and also VS2005 is not neccessary to build reports or modify exiting ones in SQL2005.
    Q.How do I upgrade from SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services?
    A.You can upgrade most installations using the SQL Server 2005 setup program. All report server content and settings will be fully functional after the upgrade process.
    In cases where you have customized your report server deployment (added extensions, changed virtual directory settings, or encrypted the ASP.NET account user name in the registry), you will need to migrate your Reporting Services installation. In this case, you install a new instance of SSRS 2005 and use the Reporting Services configuration tool to migrate settings.
    If you deployed custom extensions for Reporting Services 2000, you may need to rebuild these extensions so that SSRS 2005 can use them. Consult SQL Server Books Online for specific instructions on what you need to do to move to SSRS 2005.
  3. satya Moderator

    To add above another FAQ:
    Do I need Visual Studio 2005 to design reports?
    A.No. Unlike SSRS 2000, which required users to purchase Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2005 comes with Business Intelligence Development Studio, which provides the Visual Studio shell and the business intelligence projects including Report Designer and Report Builder Model Designer. If users already have Visual Studio 2005, these projects are installed along with language projects.
  4. backborn New Member

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