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Ways to monitor load on database server

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by Frank.svs, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Frank.svs New Member

    Hi Experts,

    Could anybody please suggest me a way to monitor the load on my database server?
    What perfmon counters should I monitor on daily basis and confirm that load on the server is increasing day by day [or] by week by week [or] every month. Also, suggest me if we can achieve this using DMV's so that we can store this info in a table using a SQL agent job. Because as a sql guy I would be more happy working with TSQL queries.

    Do all this helps me, to put for forward my argument to the management that this server can handle this much of load based on data and in case if the load is increased on the server , we might need more resources ( like cpu, better storage , more RAM etc ...) or move to a new server which has more power.

    Also, please suggest any load testing tools so that I can test this on testing environment.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Trev256b Member

    hi frank - use at the very least dmvs and performance monitor. I am putting together a detailed guide on how to monitor performance that will be easy to read and easy to refer to. There are hundreds of counters and I have spoken to 100s of DBAs and none of them know all the details - evene the ones who write books on them - would u like to read a summary with some details and space for you to add your extra favourites? let me know I will try and put something together and finish before 11/04/14.
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  3. Frank.svs New Member

    I would love to... pl share. Thanks in advance.

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