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Web Synchronization Issues in Merge Replications

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Replication' started by charliecp, May 6, 2008.

  1. charliecp New Member

    Hi All,
    I have some difficulties in configuring Web Synchronization with Merge Replication. I’m using SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition running on a Windows 2003 Server as the publisher, and the client is Windows XP computer running SQL Server Express edition. The Windows XP computer is not joined to the domain where the SQL Server Publisher is installed. For the testing purpose I put the 2 computers on the same subnet so that no router is required.I already follow the steps and instruction for enabling the Web Synchronization from the SQL Server Books online, and if I’m accessing the diagnosis screen of the ‘SQL Server Replication Listener (replisapi.dll)’ I have the page told me that the listener functions well. For Server Certificate I’m currently using selfssl from IIS Resource kit. When I run the subscription wizard from the client, it also finished and created the subscription successfully, but the error starts to happen when I try to synchronize using the Windows Synchronization Manager. This is the error message:The Merge Agent could not connect to the URL ‘https://myserver/rep_db1/replisapi.dll’ during web synchronization. Please verify that the URL, internet login credentials and proxy server settings are correct and that the web server is reachable.
    From that error message I try to figure out 3 things
    - Verify the URL. This I did by accessing the diagnosis screen of the Replication Listener using the the same URL as above but with additional ‘?diag’. The server then ask me for the authentication, and I key in the user name/password that I also use the web server connection settings in the subscription definition, and I got a success message.
    - Internet Login Credentials : Can I presume that the login credential is ok when the above process succeeded ? I’m using the basic authentication method- Proxy Server Settings : I don’t use any proxy server setting in this testing situations, and I already make sure that the proxy settings is cleared and the automatic proxy detection is also disabledThis replication things is really frustrating me, if I don’t use the web synchronization features all this thing is running ok, but because I’m going to have some mobile users that needs to sync with the server from outside then I need to do this. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my replication settings ?
  2. satya Moderator

    Welcome to the forums.
    Few tasks you need to check out is, check the Merge Agent client timeout settings parameter such as: -InternetTimeout and also ensure to check the webserver timeout value from IIS -->WebSites-->DefaultWebSite-->Properties-->ConnectionTimeout.
    Are you using any certificate based login authentication from web server to SQL server?
    Under what context is the IIS running? (specifically the w3wp.exe process)
    Is your InternetLogin and the login running the IIS (w3wp) the same?
  3. charliecp New Member

    Hi Satya, first of all, thx to your attention.
    I've checked the connection time out value and it's 900 seconds (Haven't cahange this since the installation of the IIS)
    How to check what kind of authentication from web server to SQL Server ? I only install SelfSSL as the server certificate and i have not configured any kind of authentication between IIS & SQL. I only put the user account under which i login to web from the client, into the Publication Access List.
    The IIS is running under Local System Account, and it's different from the account that use to login to the web server from the client. (I create a separate windows account for this purpose).
  4. Sibte New Member

    I am having exactly the same issue. I tried sync using the following method though i am not sure if this is how we are suppose to sync in Web Synchronization?
    Start->All programs->Accessaries->Synchronization
    but i get the following error
    TheMerge Agent could not connect to the URL'' during Websynchronization. Please verify that the URL, Internet login credentialsand proxy server settings are correct and that the Web server isreachable.
    Can anyone please give some hints or suggestion as to how to solve this issue. I would really appreciate it!

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