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Discussion in 'SSP Site Blog' started by admin, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. admin Guest

    Welcome to the new site! If you're a regular visitor, you are probably checking the URL to see if you've landed on the wrong site. But no - it's still SQL-Server-Performance.com. Whilst all the content and contributors are the same, we have made some pretty big changes. Most notably:
    • Updated Content Management System. This involved custom coding a new CMS from scratch to manage the site content. The site had developed so rapidly in the past few years that it had outgrown the original site architecture. For the new CMS, all content resides in a database and there are no static pages. This will help reduce the admin and make adding new site features far easier. The new site should also be more responsive than the old one.
      • New forum. The old Snitz based forum has been replaced by the Community Server 2007 forum, which is more feature-rich and stable.
        • New site design. Times change and web-design styles change with them. The previous site design had not changed much in four years. The goal was to give the design give the site a fresh contemporary feel.
          • Refocus the site on key content areas. Previously the main navigation included no less than 54 items. Whilst the diversity was great, the vast bulk of visitors were only interested in several areas of the site, resulting in key links being drowned out by links to areas of limited interested. Most important was to give the search function a more prominent place on the page, as this was the second most popular feature on the site. Some links have been moved to sub-menus, whilst other areas have been deprecated altogether. The biggest casualty of this was the News page.
        • All the development doesn't mean we've lost sight of the content side of site (which is after all the reason for any visit to the site). We are currently working on updating all the content on the site for SQL Server 2005. A unique, in-depth article is now published every 2-3 days and we are launching several new article series. The ASP.NET / ADO.NET article series began at the start of the year, and we have already begun adding benchmarking articles to provide quantitative measurements of SQL Server issues. I hope you are as happy with the new site as I am.

          As ever, I would love to hear any comments and suggestions you may have.
  2. simondm New Member

    Nice and clean - I like it.One thing I find odd though. You've removed the adverts that appeared inside the forum and article content. Admitidly the were sometimes annoying, but I find them far less obtrusive than the banners and big boxes of sponsered links.
  3. MichaelB Member

    Love the site!Much better on the eyes. Conversion of the data must of been fun:)I think the site will grow even more now!
  4. Anonymous New Member

    You might have come across already Brad's post and Jude's post on the latest happening in SQL
  5. ghemant Moderator

    Hi Jude,Nice work on migration of website and forum with Community server, it looks nice; specially the logo. Though this is my first experience with community server forum I like its look and features specially "post you have not read", "My discussion","Most viewed ", "most replied" and "Most popular thread thread in last three days" .Regards
  6. lehon New Member

    I miss the RSS feed that aggregated very many different news around the web. It seems gone now :( Why did you have to take it away?
  7. admin Guest

    I'll run through a few of the issues:- The ads that appeared in the site content were quite intrusive and a lot of folks complained about them so I took them off. I haven't added any new advertising positions to the page layout - but I accept that ads can always get in the way.- The SQL Server news section was removed as it got very little traffic. But what I am planning is to ad a News Blog where the site Mods and Authors can ad links to relevant news items.Migrating all the data was lots of fun as you say Mike, every article, faq , tip etc had to be manually added to the CMS.
  8. mastersql New Member

    It's really Very Nice Site

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