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What a Boss!!!

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Being a DBA' started by Luis Martin, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Luis Martin Moderator

    My daughter have a blog and write office situations, I'll try to translate one.


    My Boss is visiting a Farm 50 miles far away. Her Mrs. calls to me and she pass to me with him.

    Boss: Lulet, I am about to arrive at the farm, how was called the guy I have to meet?

    Me: Raul. Raul González.

    Boss: Good, remember that I am arriving at the office about 14.30.

    Me: Ok! To the 15 minutes..... Riiiiing-Riiiiiing! (Onomatopoeia; today would be music of U2...)

    Me: Good morning Lulet speaks...

    Boss: Lulet! He was Roberto Rodriguez?

    Me: (nah I can believe you! It will be joking to me) “Doc, the name is Raul Gon-zá-lez"

    Boss: Ah! Ok. Listen to me; I cannot use the cell phone ….

    Me: (and what he wants from me? May he think that by telepathy I can fix it?)

    Boss: I do not know what happens to him!

    Me: Tell me the symptoms...

    Boss: he says to me: enter "PUK" number

    Me: lol!lol!lolo!! How he said, Dr? What number?

    Boss: enter "PUK" number, Pe-Ur-Ka what is that?

    Me: (And how I am going to know it!) Will not be the PIN number, Doc?

    Boss: No, that is not, this is another one!!! (I no longer could more of the laughter, almost nor could speak...)

    Boss: Call to Movisomething S.A. and find out!!!

    I: OK! (I am full of work, badly, I am printing, and removing data and invoicing.... full) To the 5 minutes.... Ring-Ring-Riiiiing

    I: Good (@#$%^) days Lulet speaks...
    Boss: And? You found out?

    Me: No! Give me a minute more; I am looking for the telephone in Internet!

    Boss: ok... ok... To the 10 minutes (while I have in the other line the recorder of the company that said: If you are client of "movilsomething" marks 1 (Yeap, I am calling to the part of support because I am client of CeteSomething piece of *****) "If you have mental problems with the line mark 8".... and so on '.......) Ring-Ring-riiiiing

    Me: Good (I cannot believe you) days Lulet speaks....

    Boss: And?

    Me: Boss, I am working on it... are about to me to take care of me.

    Line 2: Somebody: Hello Juan speaks, how can I help you?

    Me: Hello, Juan, my name is Lulet, I tell you, my Boss is traveling and he called to me saying to me that he cannot use the cell phone, because he requests number to him PUK...

    Juan: Ah! That is because it tried to put the bad PIN number 3 times.

    Me: And what we must do, Juan?

    Juan: You have to give me some data and I#%92ll return to you the PUK number.

    Me: Ok! I cannot, I cannot call to him and say: you are an idiot! I cannot! I#%92ll say to him that was because he is tired and enter the wrong PIN number 3 times. I am negotiating an increase of 25%... Today, it was transformed into a 45%...

    Luis Martin

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