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What Does It Take to Be a DBA?

Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    A question I often see posted in forums and that I occasionally get asked is 'what does it take to be a DBA?' A DBA is not a role that is achieved by attending a course or by earning a qualification. The knowledge that a DBA has is something that comes from many years of experience. I often describe a DBA as someone that is both an IT professional and a developer. I think that to be a DBA a person must not only understand how a DBMS works with hardware and the operating system but also how applications interact with the database system. A quality that I think is important in a DBA is one that many people would term conservatism. However, I would not term it conservatism but rather caution, as at the end of the day a DBA is charged with managing the data of an organisation. I would be interested to know what you think it takes to be a DBA.
    - Peter Ward
  2. MHeindel New Member

    13 Years ago I started in Operations at a medium sized Insurance company. I worked my way up to developer, then database developer and finally DBA.I agree that the skills required for a DBA cannot easily be learned from a class or taught by a mentor. As a DBA I know that I am responsible for keeping the data online, correct and protected. But on any given day I could be working on a project that I didn't know existed until the last minute.There are many challenges with being a DBA and the developers often take the spotlight. The work is hard, but enjoyable for those who like to constantly learn new things.Michael HeindelOracle Certified DBASQL Server DBA
  3. ianla New Member

    I agree Peter, especially with your opening comments. It seems to be a matter of picking up information from books, articles and the web. University subjects are either too general or too specialised. I would love to see a course on how to interpret SQL Server execution plans because anyone can knock together a DBMS based program, but creating one that scales by two or three orders of magnitude and still performs OK is really difficult.

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