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What is Space Available??????

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by mmuneebahmed, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. mmuneebahmed New Member

    Hi everyone,

    First of all before asking my next question I must thank to everyone who helped me in this forum to successfully implemented the logshipping....it's now working and is in production....Thanks a lot for your valuable time and efforts.

    Coming to my question now, it looks fairly simple but I couldn't find the answer to my question anywhere...so I have decided to put my question here once again...What is Space Available means in SQL Server?????...to be very exact..when I right click my database and select the properties..on the general tab I see space available...the reason why I'm asking this question is my database (.mdf & .ldf) are both set to grow 10% automatically but the space available is showing 0.00MB which is driving me crazy....

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks a lot

  2. ykchakri New Member

    Space available shows the total empty space available in your database (both data and log) files.
    I believe this uses the same system tables that sp_spaceused. So, try running DBCC UPDATEUSAGE and see if it changes.

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