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What size to make LUNs on a consolidated cluster

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by cabledguy2006, May 9, 2009.

  1. cabledguy2006 New Member

    Full of questions today ;-)
    I have to design a consolidated SQL environment i.e. a bucket and I have no idea what DBs they'll migrate, what size LUNs (or formula) do people use for their database and log luns?

    In a cluster environment each SQL instance gets its own virtual server. So what this suggests to me is it's best to have plenty of instances and small LUNs to put each instance on. Say 150 GB for DBs and 30 GB for logs?

  2. SmartDBA New Member

  3. cabledguy2006 New Member

    Thanks I didn't have a figure for logfiles.
    Anybody have any ideas on how to organise the data luns - maybe in tiers?. Or should I just treat it case by case and provision a LUN for each app - e.g. MS for SCOM says 50 gb max for Ops DB an 150 gb for the data warehouse
  4. LouisP New Member

    You should provision drives the same way you would on a standalone server, but with one big caution. You only have 26 drive letters, and will need five of the as follows: C for OS (we also used D), Q for quorum, one for the MSDTC group, and CD-ROM/DVD. And, you may want to save one for the logged on user's network drive, for ease of getting things on and off of the cluster. Having said that, mount points are supported in SQL Server 2005, so you can use only one drive letter per virtual server by using them. Also consider a drive/mount point for TEMPB.

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